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Seniors Benefit Emotionally and Spiritually from Church Attendance by Jason Lewis

For older adults, loneliness, isolation, poor mental health and declining physical health are all too real. This is a sad reality that much of our aging population is faced with today, but with community support, especially from church, seniors can to improve their health and reverse this trend. Attending church is actually one of the

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La Depresión Por El Pastor Andrés Briceño Ruiz

La depresión es la combinación de la tristeza y la melancolía. Estos dos sentimientos a la larga producen el mencionado mal de la depresión. Cuando insistimos en declarar una visión triste del mundo, cuando somos víctimas de relaciones rotas y el perder algún ser querido o algo de valor, da lugar y abre puertas a

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7 Reasons to Leave Your Church by Karl Vaters

Author: Karl Vaters more from this author » Please click on the link below:

Healthy Fathering God’s Original Design for Making Disciples by Apostle José Bosque and Wes Schoel

First let me make it clear that my use of the term “spiritual father” as it relates to earthly fathers is intended to be gender neutral while carrying a specific relational truth. As I use or imply the words “spiritual fathers” and/or “spiritual sons” in this article my full intention is that you, the reader,

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The Conflict Between Jews and Arabs Started in Biblical Times by Author Hal Lindsay

Arabs and the Israelis have been fighting since time immemorial over that tiny plot of land called Israel. Their battle is not one of flesh and blood, but of spiritual things. The Bible states that the last great battle will pit Israel against the rest of the Middle East and its allies. How did it all begin and why have they remained mortal enemies for thousands of years?