Video Message: The Revolutionary Prayer Life

Video Message: The Revolutionary Prayer Life









Videos of Our Humble Beginning

With a couple of families whom with I have close fellowshipped with, and with a few visitors, our ministry started today. It is what, indeed, we like to call “Humble beginnings”. I am excited and filled with the joy of the Lord as we continue pressing on with great anticipation as we learn together how to get out of the way and let God do whatever He pleases. Here we would like to share a few videos that will forever be a part of our history as they represent…the beginning!

“Is Time to Start Training God’s People”

First Day Leading Worship Video!

Roughly six years ago I stood in that very church, The Carpenter’s Shop
in Ahoskie in my late wife Ileana’s funeral. How amazing that today I stand as
the new Worship Leader of that ministry alone side my lovely and future wife
Rayette Pollard. That is the God that I serve; a God of discipline, mercy and
restoration. I am so excited! I hope you enjoy this video that capture some powerful
moments during that service!