A Song and A Prayer for My New Family

I am so thankful to God for what He is doing in my life! This video took place during our wedding; I did not sing at my best, but I felt God’s presence and I declare this prayer to be prophetic for the Casianos as we come together as a new family! I have so much to look forward to!

From Doctor Jones to Rayette Part V

As I arrived at her job with my flower and saw Rayette, I saw a woman crying and laughing at the same time. I proceeded to then beg her not to go. It was, without a doubt, one, if not the most, beautiful moments in my life.

From Doctor Jones to Rayette Part IV

I got on my knees and I described the personality that I wanted for my wife. I wanted her to be black, sweet, involved in ministry in her local church and to know Spanish.

From Doctor Jones to Rayette Part III

One of the invitations I received was to preach at Pastor Eric’s church. There I saw Dr. Jones for the last time before I left. I heard that she was a member there; but for some reason, it still was a surprise for me to see her. I remember very vividly that I was struggling with the idea of speaking about me leaving and getting married.

From Doctor Jones to Rayette Part II

I believe that I sporadically saw Doctor Jones a couple of times after our first encounter; but it was more like a “hi” and “bye” thing for me. She actually worked within walking distance of my office at The Gates County Department of Social Services. I also believed that we spoke over the phone once, but it was all business related.

From Doctor Jones to Rayette Part I

So I found myself alone again with my three children; even more miserable than I was before! I was with enough grace to work and with enough grace to raise my children, but felt lonely in the midst of so many people. But God…

La Fidelidad de Dios

La vida verdaderamente da muchas vueltas. Después de la muerte de Ileana el día 29 de Diciembre del 2005 sentí que el mundo se desbarataba alrededor mío. Muchos corren a las drogas y al alcohol para aliviar el dolor de sus penas. En mi caso, yo salté a una relación que verdaderamente no era de Dios.