From Gates to Fairbanks Video Series


Part 2 “Operation Throw Away”

Part 3 “Tired, Hurting, But Making Progress”

Part 4 “The River of Revival “

Part 5 “The River of Revival 2”

Part 6 “We conclude the sermon: The River of Revival”

Part 7 “The Little Girls Working Hard…FINALLY!”

Part 8 “Wife and Daughters Gone to Fairbanks” 08/06/2013

Part 9 “Wife and Daughters Arrived at Fairbanks, but Tough Day for my Sons and I”

Part 10 “My Sons and I Finally on the Road “

Part 11 “Second day of Our Travels “

Part 12 “Third Day of Our Travels” -Problems Finding a Hotel to Rest-

It seems like every day we are facing some kind of challenge. Today was the most challenging day of all. The lack of preparation make it fun and exciting, but at the same time it can be a exhausting.

Part 13 “Forth Day of Our Travels” -Spiritual Lessons-

Part 14 We Are Tired

Part 15 Getting Closer: Fifth Day of Travel

Part 16 Getting Closer: “Sixth Day of Travel”

Part 17 Entering The Alaska-Canada HWY

Part 18 Entering Photos and Videos of The Alaska-Canada HWY

Part 19 Another Day of Spiritual Lesson

Part 20 The Sin of Familiarity

Part 21 Driving Through The Alaska HWY

Part 22 Final Video: Finally Home!