Category: Word with Prophetic Ramifications

Facing ‘Dry-Bone’ Situations

Habitually, I did a devotional with my children and discussed with them the amazing story of Ezekiel and “The Valley of Dry Bones.” I told my children that I was feeling inspired to write a fictional story of a soldier that died and whose bones were also in that valley. I started working on the story with difficulty, but was able to write some things down. My son, Angelo; without my knowing, was also working on developing a similar story. I then asked Angelo, to put our materials together. We discussed the focus of the story and I am amazed by how similar our writing styles are! My son is the editor of many of my writings and I am very proud that God was so gracious to give us this fictional story together. I hope you enjoy the story and that you find yourself inspired and strengthened as you face your own valley of dry bones.

Men, It’s Time to Come Out of the Closet!

I feel as if there is nothing you can do to me that can even come close to the damage I have already caused to me, my family and the generations to come. These generational curses do get worst with every generation! But I am hopeful, very hopeful, that God will turn this thing around for good; because I know He is merciful, I know I love Him; and most importantly, I know He loves me and He wants the best for me and for you. Perhaps, He is already turning things around as I write these words.

Men, it is time to come out of the closet! This specific teaching is to all heterosexual men in the church, who are giving their secret place to sexual immorality.

You Are My Abba!

Thank you God, because when I am broken, you put me back together with your loving hands with a vision for my future. Thank you God, because in the cold and terrorizing nights of the desert you hide me under the shadow of your wings. Thank you God, because when the desperation from the heat of my tribulations consumed my will to continue, you pick me up and carry me through the seductive sands of giving-up. Thank you God, that your Living Word is greater than the words of death from my enemies.

The Most Dangerous False Prophet

The warning today is not to emphasis in being careful with the apostasy that is taking place out there; even as we should be indeed careful. My brother and my sister, the warning today is for us to be careful that we do not become our own false prophet by following the wickedness of our own hearts, even when our decisions appear harmless. It seems like when we follow our deceitful hearts, we become the most dangerous prophet of them all.


I don’t know about you, but I cannot help but see God speaking
> to the church in the loudest possible terms through this earthquake.
> The fact that it happened to the only major city called “Christchurch”
> in the Western world. The fact that it has been prophesied for years
> that the church will be greatly “shaken”. The fact that a whole lot
> of older “structures” were wrecked or brought down – but the people
> themselves survived intact.

My Beginning at the End of the Road

Let me talk to you today about a place where your abilities are justifiably a reason for mockery; where the waters are not found in the rivers; where the coasts of the earth dry out; where the oceans return to the heavens. It’s a place where the singer lost his old songs that once lifted his soul; a place where arguments seems forever rising against you; a place where your bad decisions catch up with you and shame forcefully take possession of your mind.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Let’s get ready to Rumble!!!

The assault against our faith is brutal in our secular society today. For many politicians and celebrities in Hollywood for example, it is almost a career killer to declare their faith in Jesus Christ publicly. Stating that you are pro-life or that you believe in the sanctity of marriage between a men and a woman is in fact a career risk that not many are willing to take. You will be mocked, ridiculed and lied about.