My Irrevocable Gift and Irreversible Call

Like an unannounced tsunami, I see the destruction of everything around me. I see pieces of broken relationships, everywhere. Through the crumbles I see hidden secrets of loved ones un-covered. My own humanity and weakness is spreading everywhere for everyone to see. I place my hands behind my head; the desperation is obvious for all witnesses to glimpse. “I knew you were a fake!” someone loudly shouted with no mercy in her voice. You try to find strength for the overwhelming task of cleaning up. “Ha! And you call yourself a Christian?”

Beyond the Limitations of the American Dream

At 42 years old, I find myself in the mix of four great struggles. I surely have much respect for the people that have kept these four areas of their lives in check:
1. Sexual purity
2. The handle of personal finances
3. Anger
4. Physical Wellness
I find it amazing how, when we are young we walk in such arrogance, but as we get older we start to realize that we are really a mess. All of these four categories are deeply connected to one thing: “What we want!”

A New Chapter has opened by the Power of the Holy Ghost

My time is here; the turning I see…God will forever love me! Hope has arrived and is riding me out of this awful and costly mistake. Reality is set, the truth is now clear. After so many warnings, like the song of the fighter, “There’s no easy way out”. Today, in this new beginning, I find myself repenting for trying to make something out of something that should have never been.

Testimony: Escaping from the Trap of Adultery on a Rainy Friday Afternoon

The rain continued as I stopped at a gas station to fill up my car. Not even ten seconds after my last amen; while I was still wiping the tear out my eyes; a seemingly innocent woman approached me. She told me that she needed to get home to her kids, but her friend that was supposed to pick her up failed to do so. She added that she was just a few miles from the station and asked if I could give her a ride. Without thinking I say “Yes, no problem!” Within seconds of getting in my car, this woman was offering herself to me sexually; her demeanor totally changed. She touched my arm and my flesh cried out: “Glory!”

Facing ‘Dry-Bone’ Situations

Habitually, I did a devotional with my children and discussed with them the amazing story of Ezekiel and “The Valley of Dry Bones.” I told my children that I was feeling inspired to write a fictional story of a soldier that died and whose bones were also in that valley. I started working on the story with difficulty, but was able to write some things down. My son, Angelo; without my knowing, was also working on developing a similar story. I then asked Angelo, to put our materials together. We discussed the focus of the story and I am amazed by how similar our writing styles are! My son is the editor of many of my writings and I am very proud that God was so gracious to give us this fictional story together. I hope you enjoy the story and that you find yourself inspired and strengthened as you face your own valley of dry bones.

Men, It’s Time to Come Out of the Closet!

I feel as if there is nothing you can do to me that can even come close to the damage I have already caused to me, my family and the generations to come. These generational curses do get worst with every generation! But I am hopeful, very hopeful, that God will turn this thing around for good; because I know He is merciful, I know I love Him; and most importantly, I know He loves me and He wants the best for me and for you. Perhaps, He is already turning things around as I write these words.

Men, it is time to come out of the closet! This specific teaching is to all heterosexual men in the church, who are giving their secret place to sexual immorality.