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I believe that: 1) There is something out there that can be properly called the Institutionalized Church. This is a church that is set and unchanging. The problem is that is set on manmade traditions and not God’s. I believe this church suffers no persecution from the world because, at its heart, is a man

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Discipleship and a Healthy Church

  Introduction              Some times, especially after you pass forty, you wake up in the morning feeling a certain pain with no idea of what generated such pain. You may wake up in the morning with a cold, feelings of nausea, etc. These are symptoms that are announcing that something in your body is not

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My Frustration with the Charismatic Movement

It is not necessarily theological matters and discussions that have caused such division in the Body of Christ. If anything, we should have our little theologies challenge constantly. It seems like we do not have a problem talking about sports, our jobs, our families, our neighbors, our cousin, etc. However, when it comes down to

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