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Tainted Mirrors

We have allowed agitators; men with selfish agendas, delinquency and greed for political power take away the validity of our cry. We are lacking the spiritual force to inspire true change. We lack intellectual clarity to give meaning to our historical tears. America is divided, everybody knows that and everybody says that! America is wounded

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Trump: Equally Wrong for America

What every conservative, me included, is asking him or herself is, can we vote for Trump? I took Trump serious from the beginning; however I have a problem with him that goes beyond his remarks against my Mexican brothers, his disgusting comments against Kelly, the 2 Corinthians, issues at his rallies, the sucker punch, Chicago,

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Disgusted With The Republican Party

I am not a politician nor an expert in politics; but I am an American citizen who pays attention to the political process. I am 47 years old; I saw myself as a Democrat; but not for too long. I became a Conservative Republican and voted for Bush twice. Then I voted for Obama (Big Mistake).

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