Tainted Mirrors


We have allowed agitators; men with selfish agendas, delinquency and greed for political power take away the validity of our cry. We are lacking the spiritual force to inspire true change. We lack intellectual clarity to give meaning to our historical tears. America is divided, everybody knows that and everybody says that! America is wounded with an infected wound.

         America needs to go beyond images and fancy rhetoric and take a deeper look at the result of things. America needs to go beyond money and find satisfaction beyond material possessions. The Scripture asks the question, “What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?”[1]I celebrate the success in the economy, low unemployment rate and job creation; but we can’t loose our souls in the process; we can’t loose ourselves as a nation and we definitely can’t loose our faith in God.

         We, as Christians, must be anointed and equipped to articulate the Gospel, to teach God’s principles and to walk in power. God is good and the ONLY hope for mankind. We, as Christians, must expose doctrines of devils and those who are hijacking our faith in the name of a conservative ideology. Christ is Christ all by himself!!!!        Beloved, it does not start with the government or the system; it starts with us! We must get done what we have the divine ability to get done. We must love God… FIRST and, we must love us SECOND. We have allowed the historical injustices that our ancestors suffered, to bring down the value of the appraisal of our souls. We are bringing down our own value through our music, as we celebrate murdering one another, through violence and the degradation of our women and neglecting of our own children.

         Beloved, we are valuable; we are royalty and sons and daughters of the King of all kings.  CNN is not America; Fox is not America and Hollywood is not America… they are tainted mirrors of what they want us to see… open your eyes and see for yourself.

[1]Mark 8:36 (NIV)

Trump: Equally Wrong for America


What every conservative, me included, is asking him or herself is, can we vote for Trump?

I took Trump serious from the beginning; however I have a problem with him that goes beyond his remarks against my Mexican brothers, his disgusting comments against Kelly, the 2 Corinthians, issues at his rallies, the sucker punch, Chicago, the KKK, issues with his campaign manager, viciously attacking Cruz’s wife and most recently, his nuclear and abortion comments to Chris Matthew.

All of these examples are the reflection of a deeper issue. This is a man with a profound pride issue. This sick arrogance is found in the fact that this is a man who, in his head, can’t do anything wrong. He has no need for repentance!

He stated that he tried not to make mistakes, so he don’t have to repent, but how many mistakes has he made in the last couple of weeks alone? Still, no apology and, no acknowledgment of wrongdoing. This is extremely dangerous! This worldview will lead to corruption like we have never seen before in the history of this country.

In one hand we see a President who apologizes for America all over the world. On the other hand we have in Trump somebody who can’t find anything wrong with himself or his supporters; but who viciously attacks everybody who dares to point out his obvious imperfections.

I am not happy with the Republican establishment, but let me also make this point clear; if when going into the convention Trump leads in delegates, he should be the Republican candidate. Nevertheless, I will not vote for Trump. You may say, not voting for Trump is voting for Hilary or Sanders. You are correct! The problem is that I consider these three candidates equally wrong for America.

Disgusted With The Republican Party

I am not a politician nor an expert in politics; but I am an American citizen who pays attention to the political process. I am 47 years old; I saw myself as a Democrat; but not for too long. I became a Conservative Republican and voted for Bush twice. Then I voted for Obama (Big Mistake). This last election I almost did not vote, but I did, reluctantly, give my vote to Mitt Romney.  I say reluctantly because for the last five plus years I am a registered Independent Conservative. I feel that the Republican party left me a long time ago.

I write this blog because I am disgusted with the Republican Party. Listen, I am not crazy about Donald Trump; however, I respect our democratic system. I feel that the Republican establishment is not listening to the American people and are not respecting the democratic process. We, the people, decide who we vote in for any elective office, not you guys.

I considered voting for Marco Rubio, not in a great committed way, but the consideration was there. I saw how the establishment wanted Jeb Bush. The failure of his candidacy  should have been a clear message for this controlling establishment that, we the people, do not want another cheeseball candidate.

Now I see them supporting Marco Rubio. As soon as I saw that, my consideration for Rubio expired. If I had any doubt, when I saw Mitt Romney supported Rubio, that was my confirmation. But when I heard that Romney is going to be giving a speech tomorrow and when I hear some these republicans talking about that they will not support Trump is he is the winner, that completely did it for me. You guys have lost your way! You are as socialist as Sanders; that is not the way our political system works. You are behaving worst than the Democratic party.

Republican establishment:

This is not up to you, it is up to us. We decide who we want to put in the White House. What you are doing is disgusting and could represent the end of your party. No wonder you guys were not able to defeat Obama; one, if not the worst president in the history of this nation who, in that condition, mopped the floor with Romney. The same Romney that you guys are calling on today to rescue your political foolishness! No wonder you are struggling with a weak candidate such as Clinton and, no wonder a socialist, in AMERICA, is making so much noise.


The End of Another Empire?

Obama trump

We need a skillful President that can put a stop to this wave of liberalism and socialism that has taken over this country. We need a President that will honor our constitution and bring down our national debt for the sake of our children and grand children.

We need a skillful President who know his stuff as President from day one. Obama was given a mess; the worst mess since the great depression, but he made it worst and that was the change we could not count on.

GOP Candidates Attend Presidential Family Forum In Des Moines
DES MOINES, IA – NOVEMBER 20: Republican presidential candidates (LtoR) Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), Ben Carson, and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) are introduced at the Presidential Family Forum on November 20, 2015 in Des Moines, Iowa. Attendance at the event was lower than organizers had hoped as an early-winter snowstorm moved through the area dumping several inches of snow on the city. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

We need a President who will put a stop to this tsunami of lies and immorality in Washinton. The game is over; thank you for the entertainment, but is now time to get down to business. We heard your terrible communication skills referring to Mexicans as rapist, we heard you insulting a war hero because he was capture; we see the derogatory and childless things you said about a Fox female reporter​; we heard your ridiculous statement about no need for repentance, your 2 Corinthians, your refusal to debate over people not being nice to you… are you serious? Have you seen what they did to Bush? Have you seen what they are doing to Obama? It comes with the territory. We have also seen lied on several occasions; perhaps you need to repent for that.


I say, if we give this nation to Hillary as President we, as a nation, have lost our minds and, if we give this nation to a socialist, get ready for this nation to truly and fundamentally change.

Now are these doctors running for President ready? Is this business lady ready to jump straight up to the top office? Does this nation want another Bush in the white house? Is this nation ready for a Hispanic President? or are we going to give in for more of the same; spectacular, charismatic candidates, like the one we elected seven years ago, that get away with saying outrageous things, but with no real plan to get things done and worst of all, no accountability. I submit this question to america, what is worst, another celebrity as president or another establishment-like president?

All elections are important, but because of the crisis we are in, socially, financially, terrorism, 18 trillion dollars in debt, an embarrassing budget, etc. this is one is perhaps the most important one ever. This one is either the manifestation of God’s mercy over this nation or the beginning of His judgment over us; the end of another empire!