The Songs are here?

Who took my song away? Who devoured my dreams? Who filled my heart with discouragement? Who took the light out of my life and the smile from off my countenance? How can that be? How can you be so important? Why did I allow you so much power in my life? You are a liar and have been since the very beginning. You came to give me hell; Jesus came to give me life. You came to condemn me; Jesus came to make me free. You came to judge me, but Jesus came to save my soul. You came to disqualify me; Jesus came to give me purpose. In you there is no hope; Jesus is the hope of glory. Jesus is the King of kings; you are just a fallen one. Your jealousy will be severely judged. The symbols that you are using to destroy and expand your kingdom are soon to be crushed. You remind me of what I have done and speak hopelessness into my family; Jesus sees me for who I will be and the great promises over my children. Your condemnation can’t hold me anymore; the chains of your destructive words are all burnt by the blood of my Lord. I see the giants falling and I find joy in cutting their heads off in the name of the Christ. Not one will remain standing; not one will open their mouths in mockery. As for me and my house, we belong to the Lord. The Blood was splashed on the doors of our destiny; the angel of death passed by. We are unstoppable; God is with us, who dares to entertain even a thought of victory over us. The Lord will destroy your teeth with a mighty blow;   the Lord will terrorize you with just His look. Back off all you demons of hell…I am free, my children are free and generational curses broken in the name of my Master. God owns all the glory and the crown on my head. I can hear the new songs rising; the melodies of liberation can be heard from the mountain’s top. I lift up my voice to sing; the songs are here, the songs are here!

One response to “The Songs are here?”

  1. Sometimes you have to encourage yourself – look past the negatives and all the junk to find a reason to sing! But a bird does not sing because it has an answer; it sings because it has a song. Believe in God, believe in yourself and believe in your future. Because in your future, you look much better than you do right now – so keep lifting up your song as you moving forward toward it!

    Your latter shall be greater because: God said so! “I will bow down toward your holy temple, and give thanks to your name, because of your loyal love and faithfulness, for you have exalted your promise above the entire sky” (Psalm 138:2). Why can we not accept God’s Word as the final authority in our lives? Are we the only generation from whom He has required this? Whether we are seeing things with our eyes or not, this truth is established and we can stand on the eternal Word of God (Eph. 6:10).

    The church needs to return to a “persistence confidence” in God’s Word. As we move into the murky, chaotic future, the tribulation that is coming upon the world will elicit a confidence crisis throughout the culture. In tandem with this loss of confidence, the body of Christ will step into the gap to provide a helping hand to those ill-prepared. As God brings distraught, dysfunctional people to our doorstep, we will direct them to the source — Jesus Christ — and the song that flows from knowing him.


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