The True Secret for Effective Leadership Part 1

                The time for Rambo leaders is over; if we truly want to be effective in the Lord we must have a group of people united. The idea that we are doing well while our neighborhood’s quality of life continues to rapidly decay, is absurd. We have become experts in putting up Sunday Morning Shows, but the world sees very little difference between the way they behave and us. Ministries that are focus on one men or woman and are not actively making disciples are soon to be extinct. Today, not only is prayer itself a challenge, but the power of agreement is almost unfound. We want to be and do so much, but neglect who we are supposed to be and whom we are supposed to represent. Like the world, we fall apart in moments of crisis. With this series, I am going to address the leadership in the church. I say “the church” (one church) because there is only one church.

            There is a great deal of power available to us, but I am afraid that our personal agendas and pride continues to increasingly get in the way of accessing that kind of power. It is easy to find talented people in the Body of Christ; people that can preach, write songs, hold a pretty decent tune, teach the Word, prophesy, etc. but it is almost impossible to find a leader that is effectively walking in unity. They are surrounded by people, but they are not really operating in unity; it seems like they are together, the numbers look good, but the true power of God is not there. The Bible tells us in Matthew 18:19

 “19 Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.”

                  Notice the amazing power of agreement here! The word “agreement” here means: “to be harmonious:” In other words…to be in harmony. The word “done” here means: “to create, to fashion.” So, when we stand in harmony with one another we open the doors of heaven and prepare the atmosphere for God to create and fashion what we are asking for. The challenge is that with more than two thousand Christian denominations and with all the divisions that we have, even amongst local churches, harmony is nowhere to be found. What we have is constant strife and people devouring each other.

                  So what does leadership have to do with anything?


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