Freedom to Destroy Ourselves


In America’s dictionary of our history, there is a word that carries a foundational importance. We can’t speak about our history without using the word “Freedom.” At first, America ignored those who were born with darker skin. As America fought for the freedom of a nation it conveniently kept others from their own freedom. That truth is one of America’s greatest hypocritical acts. America later fought amongst itself for the freedom of those who were left out of the Declaration of Independence’s benefits and beauty. The cry of the slaves was heard through the ears of the conscience of people. Although many did not embrace it, freedom did prevail.

We are still free to speak, we are still free to vote, we are still free to do, we are still free to follow our own hearts, and we are still free to destroy ourselves. Freedom without the Holy Spirit is a time bomb for self-destruction.

America is having a heart problem as a society these days. Immorality is not illegal you know! We also have the freedom to violate all commandments, but two. Killing and stealing can still get you in trouble. However, people are free to worship whatever and whomever they want. People are free to establish idols in their hearts as they please. People have the right to use God’s name in vain. People do not have to honor the Sabbath; people do not have to honor their parents if they don’t want to. Adultery is not a big deal anymore, lying can be justifiable in occasions and coveting is indeed essential for Capitalism.

See, we have the Freedom to consume alcohol, to smoke, to overeat, to over sleep, to refuse to work, to divorce for whatever reason, to give our children away, to have sex with whomever we desire as long as there is mutual consent. Smoking marijuana, as many of you know, is now legal in two of our fifty states. With time, freedom will also allow the consumption of every despicable drug, as America’s heart problem continues. After all, it is our right to destroy ourselves, why not go further?

Freedom now gives us same-sex marriage; nine states already approve such weddings. Why not, homosexuals also have the right to do whatever they want to do; after all, they are not hurting anybody…right?

Freedom dresses herself in a coat of legal choices over every social issue. Society has a political and legal way to move our nation to the left. In case you don’t know it yet…our nation used to be conservative, then moderate, but now our nation is crowned by liberalism.

America is, and will, destroying herself even now; we lost sight of true life changing power by exchanging the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ for the exaltation of conservatism. We fight for conservatism, but we refuse to exalt Jesus. We have become a people with a form of Godliness, but a people that deny the power of the All Mighty God.

There is a part of America, there is a part of every nation, there is a part of the world, that will chose to live life without our Lord Jesus Christ. Beloved, even America in her incomparable freedom has a great number of people who are enjoying the freedom to destroy himself. They don’t know it; how can freedom be so wrong?

If men have no respect for the Bible, what respect do we expect for our constitution? Amendments and a voting process can change the constitution; but the Bible is designed to change our hearts.

Are we coming against the Freedom of Democracy? No, but we are pointing out that our political freedom is not what really sets us free. Are we promoting Communism? Absolutely not! But I would like for you to consider this fact: Democracy attempts for their people to view themselves as their own saviors. Capitalism is what moves Democracy. In a Democracy, it’s acceptable for some to be rich and for others to be dirt poor. In Capitalism you go as far as you can legally go and if you stay behind, oh well, you just stay behind!

Communism, on the other hand, attempts for their people to view their government as their savior. Socialism is what moves communism. It is all about equality and the equal spread of wealth; but we all know that equality is a fantasy. While high-ranking Government officials live like Kings and Queens, the people struggle to have what we, in our society consider, basic. To be “equal” the government enforces a great deal of control over his people…freedom is not existent! Which one do you prefer? So what is the answer? The answer is only found in God’s Word. John 8:36 tells us:

“If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.” (KJV)

We can only find freedom in Jesus; the Gospel is our only hope…the Gospel is the only power that can save, the Gospel is the only power that can change, that can transform, and that can restore a life. Only the Gospel can save us from our own personal destruction.

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