Up-date From Fairbanks

Last Saturday I celebrated two weeks since I came to Fairbanks Alaska to make this great city my own. It seems like every day I get confirmations that we indeed heard from God. We are now officially members of the Lily of the Valley Church of God in Christ.


            My wife started working on August 19, all of the children are in school, they are involved in sports, Angelo starts his second year in college on September 4th and it looks like I will be working in a week. The interview process went very well and they already called my references. At this point is a matter of waiting for the Criminal Background to come clean and I am back to having a job.


            The opportunities to minister are countless here; the favor of God is evident. My daughters are already involved in the dance ministry at the church; last night they rehearsed with my wife until about two in the morning. My wife has also connected very well with the women in the church. Angelo already started singing with the Worship Team and I am set to sing and preach the third Sunday in September. I am truly overwhelmed by God’s love.

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