“God is Calling us to Get Closer Today”

            I am in a personal journey where I am pursuing God like everything is brand new; like I know nothing. It seems like I am learning all over again. What I thought I knew I really did not! I must accept that it is a humbling process, but I am experiencing a personal awakening that is blessing me in the mix of the fire, in the mix of the lions and in the center of a great desert of pain and suffering.         

            Your Christianity is not defined by your denomination, the building you went to do “church” on Sunday, how anointed the pastor was, the size of the congregation, the home group that you are a part of or how long the service lasted. Your Christianity is defined by your personal relationship with God, your commitment to pursue living life according to His ways, trusting HIM in-spite of how the circumstances look like and having a constant willingness to mature while you die to self and be more and more like Jesus. This, my friends, challenges us to do more than just go to church! I am afraid that we have become spiritually lazy and morally irresponsible as we believe that we are able to delegate our spiritual exercises to others in leadership, to our moms, our dads, our pastors, etc. The spirit of the Samaritan community must be develop in our hearts as they stated in John 4:42 “Then they said to the woman, “Now we believe, not because of what you said, for we ourselves have heard Him and we know that this is indeed the Christ, the Savior of the world.”  

            This is an hour where the Spirit is making it clear that in order for us to be able to face the challenges that are coming our way; we must be in HIM and not full of ourselves. We must be able to recognize the voice of our Daddy by ourselves, above the voices of opinions, cultural values, family traditions, political preferences, intellectual approaches, religious confusion, denominational compromises and whatever Hollywood has to say. It is time to walk with God; it is time to talk things over with Him, listen to what He has to say and stop just carrying our Bibles for our Sunday Services or engage in One Year reading programs of Scripture without taking the time to wait on the revelation of the Spirit. It is time to study and to show ourselves approved. (2 Timothy 2:15) God is calling us to get closer today!

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