Men, if you are not complete without a wife you are not ready for marriage. So then, after you realize that you are complete, how do you know that she is the one? Is it her eyes? Is it her hair? Is it the way she walks? It must be her killing body, right? “That girl doesn’t miss one day in the Gym!” Or is it the way she makes you feel every time you kiss her?

            Many of us have felt all these things before, but surely they were not enough to carry on a successful relationship; to the contrary, we step into terrible nightmares. There is only one sign; one thing that is the determining factor in knowing that you have found that “good thing” that the Bible speaks about: If your relationship with this woman draws you closer to Christ and further from sin. The way our dating season goes is the best indicator of how Godly or not that relationship is. Many times, we don’t even have to go into a date to know that we must flee from that person. The Bible encourages us to flee from sexual immorality; some of us see the writing on the wall the first time we look, but yet, we still go after our own spiritual and, at times, literal death.

            So when you get to the point where you can sincerely tell a woman: “I am blessed when I am alone, but I am better when I am with you.” as it relates to your relationship with God…you have found “the one”; you are now ready for marriage. For before God established that it was not good for a man to be alone, Adam spend time alone with God first. By the time Eve came into the picture, Adam was already in relationship with God and moving in his purpose and destiny.

            Many of us engaged in relationships that are ungodly from the “get-go” as they quickly move us away from the things of God. We engage in relationships out of desperation; out of fear of fornication, even as many are already fornicating. Marriage becomes then, the remedy that will fix your sexual immorality…but the problem is that marriage never fixes anything; because the issue is not the marriage or who we marry, but what is in our hearts! We marry then, for the wrong reasons and then we are surprised when everything goes wrong.

            Many of us have fallen in the trap of the world as many of us end up worshiping the Idol of ejaculation. For those few minutes of pleasure, and for some it is literally a few minutes, we develop a heart that is willing to sin against God. We then turn our backs on our fellowship with the Lord and become faithful followers of our animalistic instinct. We know deep inside that woman is not the one, but “Oh, she’s so fine!” we say like voluntary prisoners of our selfish desires. Soon we will find ourselves in a deep cave of shame, jealousy, turmoil, anger, rejection and lack of peace. Soon, we find ourselves losing all sensitivity to the presence of God as the idol of ejaculation reports to the devil: “One more time, one more victim…mission accomplished.” Ladies, the same applies to you as many of you worship your own idol of orgasm! Don’t think that God can’t see what you keep secretly in your drawer.

2 responses to “The Idol of Ejaculation”

  1. Emanuele Sarnelli Avatar
    Emanuele Sarnelli

    AMEN Angel . a few fleeing moments of pleasure leaving scars that without CHRIST never heal and leave doubt, fear , guilt, inadequacy, inefectiveness, depression, etc.. in other words you have just become a puppet in the Evil puppet master’s hands and are now serving satan indirectly by satisfying the flesh and grieving the HOLY SPIRIT by sinning against your own body…the temple of the LIVING GOD!
    Thus far and NO MORE! Pray without ceasing..the LORD is with you and will never tempt anyone, yet HE will never allow you to go through something that with HIM u cannot overcome! So bring JESUS everywhere u go, on adate, in the bathroom , in the shower, on the PC late at night when u think no one is watching if u peek at some porn and gratify those desires and demons within…the sad part is that the enemy will even attack u when u sleep, in dreams or in a half sleep state ..even then CALL ON THE LORD for HE is ALWAYS THER …Right next to you , watching and waiting for u to show your LOVE fo HIM and obey and respond in Faith , Resist the devil and the desires of the Flesh and they will flee….HOW?? Walk in the SPIRIT!


    1. angelcasiano Avatar

      Yes Sir, our only hope to overcome the world is by walking in the Spirit. In Christ we have all the power we need and more!


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