Why do we have so many people in churches that, after years and years of membership, know so little about the Word? It is understandable that babes in Chris need to be taught and discipled, but seasoned Christians should know. There are more examples, but let me start with these seven;

1. Church gatherings are becoming more business-like meetings: All about money, fundraising, the building and what people can get.

2. A focus on “Sermons” that are a combination of Christian psychology, secular psychology, and foolishness to justify behaviors. God’s Word is manipulated and twisted to serve an agenda.

3. The exaltation of man’s opinion: We are back to the days of Constantine, where the opinion of prestige men was of the same importance and, in cases, more important than God’s Word.

4. Compromising and surrendering to political correctness: In other words, you have folks that are so concerned about the world’s validation that they are willing to deny Christ truth.

5. Lack of bold leadership: Many are just cowards. They carry these titles, but no substance, no wisdom and no courage. They are afraid of leading and in the name of, “Let’s pray about it.” They refuse to do what God’s Word already instructs us to do. Prayer here is not with the purpose of guidance and strength, but with the purpose of delaying and avoiding what needs to be done.

6. Lack of Passion for the Development of a Relationship With Christ: These people do not have a prayer life and do not study God’s Word.

7. Unbiblical Church Governments: The Church has only three governmental positions:

    • Deacons: Servants; called to set the tables. They take care of the practical duties of the church.
    • Elders: These are a group of men that lead the local church.
    • Apostles: These are assigned to regions. They are the highest position in the government of the church.

         Out of these three positions the gifts flow; so you can be an elder, but have the gift of administration. You can be an elder, but operate as an evangelist or pastor, etc. So when you call for a church leadership meeting you are calling Deacons and Elders; not staff, or co-pastor, assistant pastor, trustee, etc. These are man-made positions.

         Why the ignorance? I hope that this small article helped you to address this question and encourage you to grow in the Lord.

6 responses to “Why the Ignorance?”

  1. Angela Myrick Avatar
    Angela Myrick

    Pastor Angel have you studied any about the New Age infiltration in the church. I am reading up on it an have talked to some people of God about what they have observed. I just wanted to know if this is something you are finding to be more frequent in churches. Would love to hear your thoughts on it.


  2.  Avatar

    Angel it is getting discouraging. The more I read the word of God the more I grow concerned about the lack of spiritual maturity in believers. We have grown cold to the things of the Lord. Some days as I preach I feel like I am beating my head against the wall. Maybe I should!


    1. angelcasiano Avatar

      Press on my brother…press on! Love you so much my friend!


  3. Jose Bosque Avatar

    Thank God Angel may the Lord continue to reveal the foolishness and the uselessness of the Religious System choking His Body.
    Much Love,


    1. angelcasiano Avatar

      Thank you for the encouragement pastor! God bless!


  4. servante777 Avatar

    Keep speaking TRUTH in LOVE brother HIS SHALOM be with you and yours always ! Love u and miss u bro! Emanuele


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