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Bill “Super foot” Wallace is an extraordinarily flexible kicker. He earns a living, still today, doing seminars around the world. As a former Kickboxer he retired un-defeated. I personally had the honor of taking one of his seminars in person. It was amazing! However, the reality is that the majority of martial artists I know will never be able to even come close to doing what Master Wallace can do. For the rest of us who do not possess a “Super Foot”, we could find ourselves very frustrated.

     Michael Jordan could spend the rest of his life teaching kids how to be like Mike, perhaps many will do well, but how many will grow to be as good or better than Michael? For sure, not many! In Michael Jordan’s case, people’s lives will not be in danger. However, in martial arts, it could cost getting your butt shamefully hurt or even killed in a real life situation.

     As martial artists, we should know ourselves enough to know the techniques that flow out of us as natural as breathing, speaking and walking. Those are the techniques that will perhaps, save our lives in a real life situation.

     As a responsible Martial Artist, I will teach you what I know, but most importantly, I will help you find yourself and what works for you. We will establish together, what is naturally easy for you to execute. I will encourage you to find the devastating power of simplicity as a Martial Artist. For some, it may be a lighting-fast Round Kick to the head. For others, it may be a simple slower front kick to the shin, as you distract your opponent. Whatever it may be, as long as you discover the power of your simplicity, your possibilities of survival will increase.

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