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The Devil is Scared of Black People in America


There in the pitch-black abyss, swarming with creatures of blood-thirst and the insatiable desire for evil; the Devil proclaimed an emergency meeting. The head demons for each category of sin and evil sat in their places as the Devil hurriedly exclaimed for order. “I heard God speaking his prophetic purpose for black people in the United States and I am concerned” the Devil said. “We must come against it with all we have.” The crowd roared in agreement and tainted joy. The Devil then held his hands behind his back, gliding back and forth with the grace of Angels. His eyes held the intelligence greater than the greatest of men. Every spirit then stood in silence waiting for the Devil to disclose his strategy.


“We will enslave them! We will humiliate them and cause them to be considered less than humans. We will give them derogatory names that they will carry with them for millennia. We will destroy their identities so that they will carry whatever name their masters give them. We will have the white man rape the black woman and destroy the black man’s sense of manhood. We will make slavery a crucial part of the US economy so that many powerful politicians and entrepreneurs will never dare fight against it. We all know that we work best when they do not know I exist. I will teach the black man hatred, and their enemy will be the white man.”

England abolished slavery before America did. Blacks were denied education, participation in the political process and in many cases, religion. The strategy worked to perfection. In 1865, however, slavery was abolished in the United States. With slavery abolished, it seems that blacks will be able to enjoy freedom. But was that freedom really found?

Civil Rights

“We will destroy them even without slavery,” declared the Devil. The killings of blacks continued. The denial of quality education and higher learning was prevalent and socially acceptable. It was important for the Devil to make sure they remained ignorant. “They are free from slavery, but I will cause for their civil rights to be brutally violated. I will cause whites to pass segregation laws and to treat blacks as if they have leprosy; they will put up signs in public places that will read, “No dogs and no blacks.” It will be politically correct to be a racist in the United States of America.”

The denial of political process involvement, the denial of jobs, and so on, was the ticket of the day. Hatred for the white man grew and violence spurred like wild fires. But then…the voice of Martin Luther King was heard loud and clear; a week after his assassination the Civil Right Act was signed by President Lyndon Johnson in 1964.


Soon it was not politically correct to be a racist.

The devil then called for another meeting. He asked, “What are we going to do now?”

A high ranking demon, Demon of Bitterness, interjected, “we will still reject them and make them feel inferior. We will attack their self-esteem. Even as they have greater opportunities, we will attack their minds in such a way that many will not even care to try to go any further in their education, political process involvement and in the business world. We will make them feel as if they are incapable and in need of special help from the government. We will create ghettos and a welfare system. It will make it look like America is finally helping them, but we will make them handicapped. We will raise leaders among them that will spread the victim mentality narrative. We will fill them with anger against whites and make sure they remain bitter. It will still be a society ruled by whites without the open violation of laws.”

“Yes! Yes! And I know exactly how to do this,” responded the Devil. “We will use Hollywood. We will infect their minds and culture through movies and TV shows. People will spend more and more time in front of the TV as we use the TV to spread our teachings. We will make sure all the heroes are white so little black kids grow up without any black heroes. We will create characters such as Superman, Captain America, Batman and many others; while blacks play small unimportant and humiliating roles. The blacks will remain inferior. We will continue to enslave them in their minds. And then I will rise up a select few from their kind to be my personal slaves, who will rise up to be idols. They will portray a new image of the Black Man and a false image of freedom. They will call each other derogatory names and accept a life of mediocrity and ignorance. They will destroy themselves with concepts like YOLO and “Do what thou wilt.” They will make themselves un-hirable, undesirable, non-trainable, and proud. They will begin to see me as their God, and will no longer be a threat to my kingdom. ” All of the demons stood in applause.

Their Hearts

Today, many blacks continue to overcome. Many blacks are financially free and many blacks are highly educated. Not only are blacks involved in the political process, but many blacks hold political office, including our President. Blacks are no longer the first ones to get killed in movies; they have many leading men and leading women.

So the devil called for another meeting, this time he stood secure knowing exactly what to do. “We will increase their hatred against whites and continue to fill their hearts with bitterness. We will give them preachers who will keep them focused on racism issues. We will use a different kind of Uncle Tom; he will not be working for the white man, but he will be working for me directly. I will infect their leadership. I will raise Civil Right Leader that will be blinded to black issues and focused on racism. I will cause sporadic killings of blacks by whites to keep the civil rights leaders active in preserving my narrative that the white man is holding them back. However, the real killing will take place in their own neighborhoods. I will cause them to kill each other. I will cause for black families to be destroyed and increase abortion and jail sentences. I will use their music and entertainment to promote violence and create a lack of reverence for life. They will soon rid the world of themselves” All the demons were amazed at the wisdom of the Devil. They bowed to him and charged into the night, ignited by the commanding presence of their master.

Afterwards, a demon approached the Devil and asked him, what did you hear God say about black people in America? Why do you want to kill them so bad? The Devil looked at him with a hint of fear in his eyes and stormed away in anger without saying a word.

“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age,[a] against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” Ephesians 6:12 (NKJV)

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