Let’s FOCUS on What Jesus is Doing and Not on What the Church is Not

The truth will always offend carnality; we must however, deliver the truth in love. To hear radio personalities criticizing certain groups of our political spectrum, but not even running for mayor of his or her own city and not even having the experience of being one, sounds like Monday Night Quarter Backing to me. We live in a society where people are allowed to speak freely, criticize and even ridicule people that are doing or not doing things that the criticizer is or is not even trying to do. That is indeed strange to me.

            As it refers to the church; there are many out there constantly criticizing the condition of the church and stating that the church is lacking this and the church is not doing this or that. The question is very simple: You who criticize, what are you doing for the Kingdom? Better yet, forget about what you are doing, are you even pursuing a holy life?

            Yes, the Apostles pointed out the heresies of their time; they were truly bold; however, they were very careful in the way they lived their lives, to the point that Paul encouraged the church to imitate him as he imitated Jesus. That speaks of his character; that speaks of being able to back-up what he was preaching about. These apostles were not just writing on Facebook from their comfortable chairs in front of their computers. Let’s stop talking so much and let’s emphasis in being; let’s stop criticizing so much and let’s start doing.

            The truth of God is in the Bible; God can and will never be placed in the box of our comfortable zones. I meet on Saturdays in a small home group with brothers and sisters that want to know Jesus and His Ways in a more intimate manner; it has been a great blessing. However, I also visited a local church and even today I listened to a message that a good friend of mine e-mailed me from a local pastor… and guess what? I am also truly blessed by these different dynamics and dimensions.

            One thing I know; even as we can’t hold back in calling a lie and heresy what it is; even as we must confront sin among ourselves; all this talk about the Way we should do and not do church while putting others down is not Godly.

This is my humble advice:

  1. Pursuit holiness!
  2. Use all of your talents for the glory of God.
  3. Do what God has called you to do.
  4. Let us be witnesses for the world.
  5. Let us love one another.
  6. Let us uncover heresy when it applies.
  7. Let us make our duty to build strong relationships among ourselves.
  8. Let us confront each other’s sin in love.

            In Acts 1:8 the Bible tells us:

“But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”


The Holy Spirit has given us power to be and power to do. As it refers to our doing, we must emphasis that we are all called to be witnesses; so let’s share what you have seen God doing in your life. We are not called to be spiritual police officers; as we do, we will move our focus from Jesus and focus on what is wrong with the church. As witnesses, we must place our focus on what HE is doing. That is what we are called to share with the world, starting in our own Jerusalems and to ends of the world; if God gives us that kind of grace. Let’s focus on what Jesus is doing and not on what the church is not!

3 responses to “Let’s FOCUS on What Jesus is Doing and Not on What the Church is Not”

  1. Emanuele Sarnelli Avatar
    Emanuele Sarnelli

    AMEN Angel that’s why we got out of the Churches of men and started being the Church wheverever we go! We are living the book of Acts thank and Praise be to the LORD JESUS CHRIST! Great WORD all true pray many will read and apply to their lives in life and action not just in word and principle!


    1. angelcasiano Avatar

      Amen Emanuele; I can sense your love for God, for His people and for the lost. God bless you brother; I truly admire and respect your passion! Glory to Jesus!


  2. Dennis Owen Avatar
    Dennis Owen

    People saw in Jesus meekness, unlimited power and perfect love. If we are to win souls, people must see in us the same Jesus. But a problem exists among many of us. Instead of testifying of his wonderful works, we testify only of our religion. The unsaved do not see Jesus what Jesus is doing. They hear about the church, they are told sin is wrong, lusts are evil and drunkenness a shame, but they do not see the love of Jesus. Yes these things are wrong, but people must meet the love of Jesus before they will abandon their love of sin.

    That is why Francis Schaeffer said:

    “Holiness without love is not God’s kind of holiness; love without holiness is not God’s kind of love.”

    A “holy love” is exactly the combination that people must see in us before we testify. The former without the latter eventually deteriorates into legalism and judgmentalism. The latter without the former eventually deteriorates into sentimentalism and subjectivism. It is only when holiness and love are kept together that we see the truth of each and the nature of both.


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