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Freedom By my son Angelo Casiano


           I marvel at a pretentious argument brought forth by a particular individual by the name of Richard Dawkins; a flamboyant atheist of this generation. In a debated conversation within the film, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, Ben Stein and Dawkins discussed certain topics involving Darwinism and Intelligent Design. Ben Stein queried the motive of Dawkins and his public exclamation that there is no God. Dawkins response was this; people who realize that there is no God experience freedom from frivolous laws. Dawkins wants those who listen to him to experience this freedom. But one must query, what is freedom? Dawkins inferred that the laws, especially those of the Bible, steal people of their right to live free. He finds that the Ten Commandments are an illogical assessment of life; thou shall have no other Gods, thou shall not worship idols, thou shall not use His name in vain, thou shall honor thy Sabbath, thou shall honor the parents; no stealing, no murdering, no cheating or fornicating, no coveting and no false witnessing. These laws are the foundation of logic in Christianity.

     It may seem contradictory to state that Law provides freedom, however the contradiction is only in the accepted definition. Freedom, to the world, involves having the will to make a choice and do whatever is desired. This freedom allows one to satisfy pleasures, however the fix proves to be only temporary. After everything is done and achieved in the world, what is next? With this clause, many who are considered rich and happy find themselves missing something. Those who have sex with every one they please, end up wanting more and more, never to satisfy their hunger. With every choice comes consequence. And so, this is the central issue, what exactly did Dawkins mean? What are we being freed from exactly? If we are free to make any choice, what then is freeing us from the consequence? There are two laws in this world; the Laws of Morality and the Laws of Nature. The Laws of Morality can be chosen or ignored; these laws require the will to do them. The Laws of Nature, however, are unique because they cannot be ignored or altered by human means. What man can defy the Law of Gravity? Consequences are within this region of Law, and they cannot be escaped. Eventually, in one way or another, consequence will find you.

     And so, the definition of freedom must alter. We are not free according to the choices we make, but by the consequences of those choices. When we can be satisfied, not temporarily but permanently, with an emotion of true peace and joy, then, we have found the most logical way. The freedom that Dawkins spoke of, leads only to disappointment.  We are an imperfect people; this fact is proven even for the Darwinian atheist, for evolution occurs in order to find this Utopia. I am a Christian because I have realized that Christianity is the most logical path; even if this logic surpasses my understanding. Anyone who argues that the laws are foolish are indeed, fools themselves; because they refuse to see beyond their emotional fallacies and limited perspectives. Their bias blinds them to see the power of faith. One thing is for certain; Jesus did exist and He died for what He believed in. He died for those that have yet, to believe. He died for you and for me. I want to be free; free from addiction, drugs, spiritual death, emotional pain, physical pain, etc. I have come to a reality, only one can free me; Jesus.

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  2. My wife and I enjoyed watching you, your lovely wife, and family search for your home in Alaska! We too are Christians, as our two sons, two daughters, and twelve grandchildren. Our son is a worship leader, owns/operates his business, and manages his son Noah. His wife is a Dr. At the Veterans hospital, a professor at a local college, on the board of Virtual School, and manages their three daughters whom are actresses. Their 17 yrs old son, Noah, sings on the worship team. Noah is well known for acting, M.C. Host for Major events, Spokes person and M.C. Host for Virtual School, on Hit Streak series each week, Disney Radio host, and travels from Miami to L.A. Which is the name of his latest video recording song. I praise God often each day that our children and grandchildren love The Lord and are of humble hearts. We are a mixed family, from my African American 6’7″ son in law to my five year old PuertoRican granddaughter. I commend you for taking a firm stand. Continue to be strong, stay warm, and stay close to our Lord, He’s coming soon! God continue to bless and protect you and yours. Thank you, Spencer


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