Sincerely: A Restored Soul by my daughter Ileana J. Casiano

Spoken Word



Dear Reader:

My joy had been conquered,

My happiness was fading away,

Lusts for something else I thought would never go away,

My mind was weak,

My heart was in mournful thread,

Because until the day that I would find my joy I was walking cold and dead,

My eyes were weary wherever I looked,

My hands shoved in my pockets still,

My legs refused to respond to commands,

My soul cried out in the wind


You see, Silence is sometimes louder than screams,

and so it seems, that the dreams that I used to believe,


Just like the last photo I took in my mothers arms as her heart STOPPED BEATING,

Slowly coming to a HALT,

It was just too much,

For Days, Weeks, and even Years since,

I would lie on my pillow and ask

” God is this my fault?

What did I do wrong?

Why did you take my own mother away?

Why couldn’t she stay?

Why did it have to happen that way?”

Even though I knew that God is my savior,

Satan kept throwing me deeper and deeper into what seemed like a bottomless pit of SADNESS, ANGER, and WRATH,

My behavior had taken a 180,

And EVERYWHERE I was (other than church)

If you never really ever took the time to get to know me,

you would have thought I was just another one of those GHETTO GURLZ,

I was consumed into the vomit zone,

Not really ever putting up a fight,

I had become one of those Christians who would sing songs about violence and rebellion,

But then go to church on Sunday singing HERE I AM TO WORSHIP,

For me God wasn’t worth it,

All of the pain and suffering I had faced,

I just felt deserted,

In my own world it was just me myself and I,

And God Didn’t Deserve this,

But the bible says in 1 Corinthians 10: 13,

Among other things, that, GOD is faithful; and he will not test you beyond what you CAN bear,”

So according to God I was strong enough to face this,

How could I have been so faithless,

You see my problem was that I wanted to be the solution while GOD was like ” I got this”

So I finally realized that going to church wasn’t all that I had to do,

I had to develop a close relationship with my God to find out the truth,

I finally made up my mind that I was no longer let my joy become conquered,

And as long as I have Jesus my happiness will stay,

I will no longer lust for other things because then my Jesus will be forced away,

My mind will stay strong,

And my heart will pump from my toes to my head,

And since today I have found my joy I am walking alive instead of dead,

My eyes are cautious when I look where I look,

My hands are flipping to bible verses still,

My legs respond to my every command,



Sincerely: A Restored Soul

6 responses to “Sincerely: A Restored Soul by my daughter Ileana J. Casiano”

  1. angelcasiano Avatar

    Great job daughter. God will use you with Spoken Word. It is honest just like the Psalms in the Bible!


  2. Bobbie Harris Avatar
    Bobbie Harris

    Ileana, that was incredibly heartfelt and certainly speaks for those who have lost a mother, father, son, daughter, brother, or sister as you well know are all non replaceable in our lives here on earth. It is evident that God has ministered greatly to you thru these years that caused you such great pain. His Love reached down and pulled me out of the pit of death, too. Thank you for sharing this…..


  3. Ms. Peaches Avatar

    Thanks for sharing this with me and ultimately the world…this is intense, deep, honest and pure intimate thoughts that you expressed….i am sure it was a emotional rollercoaster but a cleansing stream at the same time….I am proud of your boldness to become a conqueror….just like David your testimony is the stone that will slay many giants…..luv u very much….so glad you are all back…..


  4. Ms. Peaches Avatar

    All of these blogs speak truth which gives us victory over the darkest, hardest and most impossible situations…..being bold to speak in TRUTH will bring you great honor and respect and ultimately Glory to our King of Kings….


  5. angelcasiano Avatar

    Hello everyone, this is Jubi, and thank you for all of your encouraging comments. i love you all, and i also want every one that has lost a loved one to know that there are others out there that know how you feel, and hopefully after reading this they were encouraged as well to not give up on GOD because He will not give up on you.
    MUCH LOVE to every body…and God Bless You…


  6. angelcasiano Avatar

    This is tremendously written, with a message that attacks the heart. I have never seen this form of poetry from my sister, but she is truly gifted. Absolutely beautiful with euphony and rhythm. I love you sis. ~ written by Angelo, her brother.


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