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Making America Great Again


This is the fair question of an older black man, when was America great? The implication is that America was never great. The greatness of an individual, the greatness of a family and a town is not based on our own definitions; the greatness of a nation is found in God.

         America is flesh and like every other nation, flesh delights in evil and is always in opposition to God. That part of America produced the most evil events this world has ever seen.   America is soul, a selfish soul who followed her own will. This is the America that justifies evil or ignores it all together. The soul of America is sick and in need of restoration. But America is also spirit and in there she has found her greatest chapters; a spirit who was led by God and brought conviction to the soul to fix what obviously needed to be fixed. America moved forward, but unforgiveness and hate is sickening the soul; America is now angry and bitter.

         There is inly one way for you and me to be great, for our families to be great, our communities and yes… America to be great again. Psalm 33:12 tells us, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, The people He has chosen as His own inheritance.” (New King James Version)

         There is the greatness of America; in every righteous prayer, in tars of repentance, in a sincere cry for revival, in every life lost for the freedom of all people, in those who did not remain silent and condemned the injustices that society legally instituted against those who were different. America was great when they feared and trembled at the hands of an angry God (Psalm 7:11). The recognition that this God of love is also angry with the sinner sparked a life changing revival that became the fire that burns in the American conscience.

         I hope for America to become great again and if some want to argue that it was never great, then know that the expiration date on hope has not yet arrive.


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